Game Rules

Like all games we have also some rules.

The Tower Challenge: Public Game

  1. Every challenge lasts one week and starts Monday and ends Sunday.
  2. To participate to a weekly challenge, you need to upload a video.
  3. The submitted videos will be limited to maximum 15 seconds but can be shorter.
  4. There are 4 categories and you can submit 1 video for each category every week.
  5. Every player receives 100 points every Monday to vote the videos submitted during the same week. Every positive vote (+5) subtracts 5 points from you account and every negative vote (-3) subtracts 10 points from your account.
  6. Once the vote has been given, it is necessary to wait 24 hours to modify it or take it back.
  7. You can not vote your own videos.
  8. The 4 categories are : Creative, Fitness, Funny, Free
  9. You can delete your videos only during the same week you uploaded them. Once the week has passed you have to contact the TTC support to have your video deleted. Deleting a Video after the current week will not give to the users that have voted you the points back.
  10. Every video that has been submitted is a subject of the Term of Service.
  11. You are personally responsible for the submitted content in case it goes against the Terms of Service and/or any law.
  12. Videos can not contain any form of harassment, hate, violence, sexually explicit content. For more details consult our Terms of Service.
  13. On our solely discretion, we may delete uploaded content and/or ban/delete accounts in case these infringe the Terms of Service.

Private Challenge

  1. You can choose the people that will participate on the private challenge and your videos will be private.
  2. Every private challenge can have a maximum duration of 8 hours.
  3. The private challenge accepts maximum 10 videos submitted.
  4. It is possible to invite more participants, but these are only allowed to vote.
  5. You can participate only to one private challenge at the time.
  6. Once the private challenge is over, the videos will be automatically deleted from the page.
  7. For the private challenge apply the same rules as the public challenge regarding the content guidelines and duration.